Everychanging and colorful glass mood stone is hand set in an individually hand forged sterling silver bezel and soldered onto a sterling silver band. Ring measures approximately 1.25" around.

Mood Ring Care...The thermochromatic glass crystal of my mood rings are hand crafted and set in sterling silver. Although very durable, you should not submerge your mood ring in water. Due to the high quantity of silver in your sterling silver piece, it will tarnish when exposed to oxygen for long periods of time. The more you wear your sterling piece, the faster the oils in your skin will create a shine of it’s own leaving the grooves untouched and shaded. When not wearing, store your piece in an air tight bag. If you would like to restore your piece to the all over darker patina, please give me a call.

Enjoy your fun twist on the mood ring inspired by that of the ‘60’s and ‘70’s.

Color Changing Stone & Sterling Silver Mood Ring

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